In a highly competitive world of today, it is not enough that education imbibe intellectual awakening alone. Education should also prepare the student to face the challenges of career building and empower him or her to become successful as professionals.

Premakanthi Educational & Charitable Trust has been established with this mission in mind and aims to be a premier institution imparting quality education, while grooming the students for life’s success. Premakanthi Educational & Charitable Trust, which is a pioneering body has established reputed institutions like Nethaji School of Nursing, Nethaji College of Nursing, Nethaji College of Physiotherapy, Premakanthi College of education and Premakanthi Pre University College. Presently housed at its campus at Mannagudda, Mangalore, Premakanthi Trust will soon relocate to its new independent campus being developed at the serene countryside locale of Kudupu on the outskirts of Mangalore.


Prof. Premalatha Shetty, the Chairperson of the Trust has over sixty years of experience in teaching and managing educational institutions. She has served in the field of education in different capacity; as a Teacher, Principal, Administrator and Advisor. She is the former Principal of University College, Mangalore. She has held various important positions in the education department including Chairperson of the P.U.C. Board of examiners, Chairperson of the B.A. Degree Board of examiners and Senate member of Mangalore University. She was the Deputy Commissioner of Bharath Scouts and Guide-Rangers.

She has been awarded ‘Mahila Jyothi Award’ in recognition of her contribution in the field of education. She is also the recipient of ‘Bharath Vikas Award’, ‘Bharath Gourav Award’, ‘Gem of Millennium Award-2000’, ‘National Subhash Chandra Bose Award’, ‘Mother Theresa Excellence Award’ and ‘Rajiv Gandhi Award’ for Human Excellence.

Prof. Premalatha Shetty


Prof. Rathnakanthi Shetty, the Secretary of the Trust has over six decades of experience in teaching, administration of colleges and collegiate Education Department. A dedicated teacher of sterling merit and achievements was the Founder Director of Shree Devi Education Trust and colleges in Mangalore. She has held key positions in the education department which includes- Regional Director of Collegiate Education and Honorary Rector of all Govt. College hostels for ladies in Bangalore.

In recognition of her outstanding service, ‘Bharath Jyothi Award’, ‘Rashtriya Nirman Ratan Award’, ‘Lifetime Excellence Award’, ‘Educational Excellence Award’ and ‘Star of India Award’ were presented to her. Her name figures in ‘Eminent Personality of India-Vol.-1. She was nominated as ‘Academic Fellow Member’. She also holds FIBR fellowship for her invaluable contribution in the field of college education.

She is a social worker and a compassionate person who thinks providing education and equipping the youth to serve the society is the noblest and most satisfying endeavor.

Prof. Rathnakanthi Shetty


Dr. Shivsharan, Trustee

Dr. Shivsharan a member of Dental Council of India and a Senate Member of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences has been a guiding force for the rapid expansion of Premakanthi Trust. He has been driving the innovation initiatives at the college by introducing state of the art facilities combined with technology.

He has been instrumental in spreading the spectrum of Premakanthi Trust from nursing education to other varied courses. Today the institution is known as a hub for education due to his constant effort.

Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

“To be an institution of excellence in imparting quality education and become a decisive factor in educating and empowering the student for personal & career success”

Our Mission

To promote spirit of enquiry & self-learning.

To nurture the innate talents of the students.

To give the best academic exposure to the students, both theory & practical.

To inculcate self-discipline and capacity for hard work which, is essential for success in life.

To impart good human values and cultivate excellence and enable the students to become good citizens.

To prepare the students for the challenges of professional education and groom them with supplementary coaching.

Affiliation & Certification


Nethaji Institute of Nursing Sciences (NINS)

Nethaji Institute of Nursing Sciences is the premier institution established by Premakanthi Trust. The institution has the entire infrastructure equipped with the modern technical support and is attached to a 200 bedded modern multi-specialty Omega Hospital. The institute believes Nursing as a profession that is to be practiced and propagated irrespective of the sex, religion, caste or creed. Positive attitude towards health and dynamic abilities to serve the society are encouraged by the institution.

GNM | B.Sc Nursing | P.C.B.Sc Nursing | M.Sc Nursing

The institute trains the students to expand proficiency to handle situations and problems critically and take responsibilities for the higher education for maximum professional effectiveness during their career. Nethaji Institute believes in a system of nursing education that fits the educational patterns globally to meet the requirements of today’s modern society. Admission is open to all candidates, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. Students are admitted once a year from June onwards and the classes will commence according to University calendar.

Nethaji College of Physiotherapy

Nethaji College of Physiotherapy Offers 4.5 years full time course of Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) including 6 months internship. Eligibility: 45% aggregate in the subjects of PCB at 10+2/PUC or equivalent with English. The course is recognized by Govt. of Karnataka and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru.

Premakanthi College of Education. (B.Ed.)

The bachelor of education B.Ed. program is the two year professional program in the field of teacher education which aims at preparing school teachers generally known as B.Ed. This is the professional program that prepares teachers for upper primary, Secondary and higher secondary level. Aiming at preparing practitioners and other educational professionals including manpower for curriculum development planners, administrators, supervisors, school principals and for other activities. With the purpose to equip the learner with most excellent technological proficiency so that the student may function with clarity and efficiency in the modern world.

Nethaji Institute of Allied Health Sciences


An anaesthesia technician is an allied healthcare professional who assists in administration and monitoring of anaesthesia and has an extensive knowledge of anaesthesia techniques, instruments, supplies, and technology. Anaesthesia technicians are mainly employed by anaesthesia departments or operating theatre suites, but can be found in other areas of clinical practice including emergency departments, intensive care units (ICU) and day surgery clinics.

Anaesthesia technicians work as a member of a multi-disciplinary team that includes doctors, nurses and support staffs. They are involved with all aspects of the delivery of a patient's preoperative anaesthetic care taking into account the patient's religious and cultural beliefs and respecting the right to medical privacy and dignity at all times. They clean, sterilize, test, calibrate and troubleshoot anaesthesia equipment, as well as keeping records of equipment inspections.

B.Sc. Cardiac Care Technology

The primary objective of this program is to prepare competent entry-level cardiovascular technologists in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behaviour) learning domains for invasive and non-invasive cardiology.

The candidate qualifies as a cardiac technologist equipped with the necessary skills to assist the cardiologist in latest non-invasive (electrocardiography, stress testing, patient cardiac monitoring and echocardiography) and invasive (cardiac catheterization lab) therapeutic as well as diagnostic modalities using in the department of cardiology.

B.Sc. Imaging Technology

Medical imaging technologists function as members of the health care team, performing diagnostic imaging procedures in hospitals, clinics, and other health care settings. They may also assist during surgical procedures performed during an examination, assessing the technical quality of the images and providing basic patient care.

The Bachelor of Science in Imaging Technology helps to develop skilled radiographers qualified to provide patient care services in intervention procedures, computed tomography, ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging. In the course of study, medical imaging technologists use principles of radiation protection as they determine exposure factors and position of patient for a variety of examinations in various procedures.

B.Sc. Neuro Science Technology

B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology enables healthcare professionals to record and study the electrical activity of the brain and nervous system. The main function of a Neuroscientist is to investigate all areas of the nervous system. B. Sc. Neuro Science Technology specialists use a variety of techniques to record electrical activity arising from a patient’s brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and other parts of the nervous system. They work with specially trained physicians who interpret the data and determine treatment based on the information. Data gathered with Neuro Science Technology are used for medical research and to diagnose health problems such as brain tumours, strokes, epilepsy, sleep disorders, and Alzheimer’s.

B.Sc. Perfusion Technology

Perfusion technologist is a person who is trained to operate a Heart-Lung Machine, which maintains the human body in living condition, even when the heart and lungs are not functioning, such as during cardiac surgery.

A perfusionist is a skilled allied health professional, trained and educated specifically as a member of an open-heart surgical team, responsible for the selection, setup and operation of a heart-lung machine and other life support equipment. They closely monitor the patient's blood flow and are also experts in other life support equipment such as ventricular assist devices and intra-aortic balloon pumps. Students are posted in ICUs and trained in different aspects of patient monitoring and post-operative care during the tenure of course.

B.Sc. Renal Dialysis Technology

Kidneys are the vital organs of the human body which are responsible for purifying the blood. This function, which is performed effortlessly by the kidneys in a healthy human body, can become impaired due to reasons like kidney failure, kidney damage and certain other medical conditions. In such cases, dialysis is the process used for the artificial purification process of blood.

In modern hospitals and clinics which offer dialysis treatment, haemodialysis machines are used to perform artificial purification process. These machines are operated by persons known as ‘dialysis technicians’ who are trained to carry out pre, intra and post dialysis procedures.


Mr. Kiran Rao Chavan


Nethaji College of Nursing

Dr. Joshna Rao K.


Premakanthi College of Education

Dr. Aniket Waman


Nethaji College of Physiotherapy



Separate hostels are maintained for boys and girls, under the care of a resident warden. Strict discipline is maintained in the hostel to ensure that the students are able to maintain their focus on study and there is no external distractions. The hostel includes shared accommodation with study table and chair for all residents, a dining room / mess, a common room with TV, newspapers and indoor games (Carom / Chess)


The college maintains a fleet of buses for transport of students between college campuses, hostel and other destinations as might be required.


The hostel mess serves healthy and hygienically prepared vegetarian and non-vegetarian food from south Indian, north Indian and Nepali menus.


The hostel has an in-house laundry unit and the students may rely on this facility which saves time and effort.


The college has a spacious library with an excellent collection of text books and reference books of academic and general interest. The library includes a reading area with daily newspapers and magazines. The college also subscribes to a wide variety of Indian and international journals to enrich the knowledge reference base for the benefit of the students. Apart from printed reference material, the library has a CD Rom section where digitized reference material is available.


The college has set up full-fledged laboratories. These labs are well equipped with all required instruments and equipment’s like microscopes, test tubes, measuring scales etc. along with complete stock of consumables. The college also has a computer lab with latest machines with all required software’s and internet connectivity in a Wi-Fi environment.



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